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Halloween ideas for college students range from simple to extreme. Dressing up for Halloween is part of experiencing college life to the fullest. Holidays, like Halloween, give students a chance to have fun and blow off some steam. Some good and cheap costume ideas are readily available to college students.

Inexpensive Costume Ideas For College Girls and Guys:

  • Be a Words with Friends game. Make letters on a box that spells out WORDS. This costume would work for one person or a group of five that are each wearing a letter.
  • Be a serial killer. Buy individual boxes of cereal (‘serial’) and some plastic forks. Attach the cereal boxes to a shirt and insert the knives sticking out of the cereal boxes.
  • Be a giant present or Gift. This idea has several options. Obtain a large cardboard box and cut holes for your arms and head. Wrap the box in gift wrap and place a bow on the front. A college student could dress in regular clothing and attach to and from gift tags stating that they are a gift to a particular person.
  • Use a box to make a costume. A cardboard box has endless opportunities for a fun Halloween costume. Using a little imagination, a student could be a Rubik’s cube or a baseball card. A cardboard box could be used to make a game piece or a dice.
  • Dress like someone in your life. Roommates or couples could dress as each other for the night. This costume idea is one of the easiest and cheapest as no money needs to be spent on the Halloween costume.
  • Dress like someone from another time period. Go to a local thrift shop and buy clothing from a funky and fun time period. This costume could be anything from the 80′s to Victorian era’s. Can you say Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or how about Albert Einstein?
  • Dress like a famous celebrity. Find items that a celebrity is known to wear and dress like them for the Halloween party. College students could choose to wear something that would represent a famous sports star.
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  • Dress up like famous couples. Couples have a slew of options when dressing up for Halloween. Costume ideas range from dressing up like Adam and Eve by having fig leaves covering vital parts. Costumes could be Hugh Heffner and one of his bunnies. The Heffner costume would require a bathrobe and lounging pajamas. The playboy bunny would need a bunny tail and ears.
  • Dress as a TV commercial. Pick a current popular commercial and make a costume that signifies the commercial. A very inexpensive Halloween costume idea would be to dress as the MasterCard commercial. This costume requires dressing in normal clothing: Obtain an index card and write on it, jeans – $50.00, Shirt – $25.00, Halloween costume with no effort – priceless.
  • Dress like a tourist. This one is fun!!! Wear shorts and sandals with socks and a bright shirt. Carry a map of the area and hang a camera around your neck. This is a simple and instantly recognizable Halloween costume.
  • Dress up like a doctor or nurse. College students will only need to obtain items like a white coat and stethoscope or nursing scrubs to make this simple and cheap Halloween costume.